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7 Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen for Under $1,000

February 10, 2021 | Posted by: Anthony Pillot

Renovate your kitchen under $1,000

You've at last settled on the choice to sell, however, as you sit in your kitchen and glance around, you realize that your space could utilize a little love to draw in the sort of purchaser you're expecting. Here's the way to get as much as possible for your place without spending a penny more than $1,000.

New Appliances 1. New Appliance

While there isn't enough budget to replace all the appliances, choosing one to upgrade will up your payout. A nice fridge with enough fancy features is a strong choice, as is a gas range with extravagant burner choices. Also, introducing a dishwasher where there wasn't one is a surefire champ! Whichever you pick, ensure it finds a place with the leftover non-upgraded appliances.

Professional Paint Job 2. Professional Paint Job

Indeed, we're all able to pour paint and move a brush left and right, however, when you want a space to have that 'WOW' factor, call the experts. Pro painters can make proposals on wall treatments that will enhance your kitchen, without scrubbing a single drop of paint off your hands.

New Cabinet Doors 3. Replace Cabinet Doors

While painting scraped-up cabinet doors is unquestionably a thrifty alternative, going somewhat more profound and replacing the doors altogether is likewise available to anyone. Combining solid and glass-paned doors can instantly give a weathered kitchen a modernized feel.

New Countertops 4. Replace Countertops

While everybody faints over marble ledges, quartz options can deliver a similar satisfying effect for a fraction of the cost. Checking in at around $75 per square foot (including installation), if you have under 14 square feet of countertop space, replace a top and simply tune in to the sound of astonishment at the open house.

Repaint Cabinets 5. Repaint Cabinets

Accidental damage, forceful door slamming and disastrous spills have all negatively affected your once-flawless white cabinets. Take them back to their previous magnificence (or pick another trending paint shade) with a professional repaint. Introduce some new modern handles to truly complete the revived look.

New Flooring 6. Crisp Flooring

Regardless of whether the kitchen floor is exhausted hardwood or obsolete tile, giving it a revive is a smart move in the event that you need to sell the property quickly. There are so many affordable choices out there nowadays, for example, cork, composite or ceramic, that there's certain to be one for you and your spending plan.

New Backsplash 7. New Backsplash

Exchanging up old backsplash tile for something mainstream adds esthetic to the entire kitchen. Think blue-white wave ceramic or gold-accented honeycomb tiles and you'll be on target to bring home that top dollar.

Now that you've seen what a limited budget can do, the question is, where will you spend your $1,000? Contact your Primo Mortgage professional today and find out what the best options for your home are!

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